A year that lived up to our wildest imaginations.

Mission Statement

We grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.

The 2014 Annual Report

Every wish is its own world, one that a child is transported to with imagination, wide-eyed wonder and immeasurable hope. This year, Make-A-Wish®, along with countless staff members, volunteers, donors and sponsors created a record 14,257 new worlds for children and their families. Join us as we reflect on 2014 and celebrate all that makes Make-A-Wish an organization to be proud of.

Our Year

We keep on soaring

If it seems like every year is full of more eye-popping, record-breaking numbers, that’s because they are. In 2014, we raised the stakes yet again by granting 14,257 wishes. Our goal continues to be the same – to grant the wish of every eligible child – and with the growth of our team, the snowballing of support from our allies and the massive efforts of our local chapters and volunteers,we believe we’ve made great strides in achieving our goal of 100% wish fulfillment.

Lifting off on the backs of our supporters

We think the world of our donors, and once again they increased their support to make 2014 a spectacular year. As we solidify our mission and gain a greater understanding of who were are, we’re able to share the power of a wish® with major individual donors so that they can better see the results of their generosity.

For two of our longest-standing partners, Disney and Macy’s, 2014 was another banner year for both donations and wish fulfillment. We simply wouldn’t be the organization we are today without our partnership with Disney which goes all the way back to our first ever wish. And Macy’s has been side-by-side with Make-A-Wish for over a decade, sharing our vision and helping us grant wishes.

Every one of our major supporters has helped open up new worlds and forever changed the lives of thousands of children and their families. For all you’ve done to share the power of a wish®, we thank you.

Let’s hear it for our local legends

To see where our donors’ contributions have perhaps their greatest impact, look locally. Our local and regional chapters are paramount in our overall success as an organization, and we are thrilled with the contributions we’ve been able to make to grow our chapters into strong, sustainable organizations. In 2014, more than 79% of Make-A-Wish America’s expenditures (excluding donated public service announcements) were made to support local chapters, a truly unbelievable number. Those funds went directly toward developing resources and staff, strengthening operations and implementing best practices.

Raising the bar for raising funds

Donations give Make-A-Wish the fuel it needs to carry out its mission, share its values and build the worlds of wishes. We’re proud of the 44 chapters that experienced a record amount of donations in 2014, a year that also saw us raise the most cumulative chapter money in our 34 year history. As we continue to top ourselves year after year, we’re confident that we’re right on track to our goal of granting a wish for every eligible child.