A wish that warmed bodies, bellies and hearts, and inspired a nation.

A wish that warmed bodies, bellies and hearts, and inspired a nation.

Natalia, 10

brain tumor | I wish to create a soup and have it served to the homeless

When Natalia was diagnosed with a brain tumor, she didn’t let it stop her from sharing her love with the Cincinnati community. Make-A-Wish® teamed Natalia up with renowned chef Jean-Robert to create a soup that she could take to a kitchen to feed the less fortunate.

Natalia’s love for her community was no surprise, but even so, her father was amazed by her wish choice. “What 10-year-old kid wishes to feed the hungry and give the hungry blankets,” he wondered, “when they get told they can pretty much have whatever they want?”

After chopping vegetables and adding “a little kick,” as she described it, Natalia took her creation to the kitchen, where her powerful wish inspired volunteers and patrons alike. With her trademark smile and heartwarming compassion, Natalia handed out bread bowls of “Natalia’s Soup of Love” and blankets to grateful Cincinnatians.

But Ohio wasn’t the end of Natalia’s story. Her generous spirit continues to live on across the country, with teams of volunteers, businesses and kitchens honoring Natalia by cooking and serving her Soup of Love. The phenomenon caught on in social media with the hashtag #NataliasWish, where a world of admirers continues to pay tribute to a very special young woman whose wish will live on forever.

You can make your own Natalia’s Soup of Love by following the directions here.