Making a friend for a boy who roars with courage.

Making a friend for a boy who roars with courage.

Brody, 8

brain tumor | I wish to have a robotic pet dragon Photo Credit: Jimmy Blake / BLAKE BIRD photography

Brody’s wish may have been a little more magical than even his parents were expecting. “What child asks for a dragon?!?” wondered his mother, worried about how Brody’s dream would be brought to life. But the boy who had persevered through so much persisted, and soon had a new best friend.

A volunteer team of engineers and character designers worked with Brody to create Toothless, a robotic dragon that acts just like any other pet. And when it came time for Brody to meet Toothless for the first time, he became the star of a true Viking procession, complete with bagpipes and horned helmets, that culminated with a wide-eyed smile as the dragon was revealed.

Now, Brody can’t contain his excitement as he shows off his companion. “Behold!” he exclaims as Toothless flaps its wings and shines a blue light from its mouth. And his mom? Well, she’s a believer too. “Apparently you guys work miracles, because he’s getting a dragon!” Brody is currently in remission and finds plenty of time to escape to his fantasy world with his fire-breathing friend.