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Video from the president & CEO

Make-a-Wish, CEO A year like the one Make-A-Wish® had in 2014 is enough to inspire the world. And we’re just getting started. In the 2014 Annual Report Address, our president and CEO, David Williams, looks back on an unbelievably successful year with an eye on the future – the worlds we’ll create and the lives we’ll change as we continue to strive toward our vision of fulfilling every eligible child’s wish.

Welcome from the National Board Chair

Make-a-Wish, Board Chair Make-A-Wish America Board of Directors Chair Phil Lussier has seen the otherworldly power of a wish up close – he’s a wish dad himself. In his letter below, he shares his story and his insights into the organizations biggest wish-granting year ever.

Make-A-Wish altered my world because of my son, Philip. It’s been more than 10 years since my son’s wish to sing the Star-Spangled Banner at Fenway Park came true. That day continues to be a vital part of my family’s life.

It was even more than a joyful experience for my son – it was a pivotal event in how I try to improve the world around me. It ultimately brought me to this position as board chair of Make-A-Wish America.

I believe Make-A-Wish creates out-of-this world moments … for children with life-threatening medical conditions, for their families and for everyone who cares about their community. My belief in Make-A-Wish goes even further than the mission: This is also an organization committed to relentless improvement. Together, we seek more than being by far the largest, best-recognized wish-granting charity in the world – we aim to be a paragon of everything a charity should be.

This annual report offers insights into the operational side of Make-A-Wish. You’ll see even beyond the universally acclaimed mission and into the relationships and supporters who lifted us to our greatest success ever. I hope this is a voyage of discovery that boosts your confidence in Make-A-Wish and urges you to support the children we serve to the best of your abilities.

Thank you for all you do to share the power of a wish®.

Best wishes,

Phil Lussier Signature

Philip J. Lussier
Board Chair, Make-A-Wish National Board of Directors

Make-A-Wish Foundation of America FY14 Board of Directors

The Make-A-Wish National Board of Directors is instrumental in establishing the organization’s direction and policies. Leaders from a broad array of industries comprise the board, providing the experience and skills needed to help Make-A-Wish strengthen its position as a top charity brand.

  • Edward R. (“Ned”) Allen
  • Brenda [Yester] Baty
  • Peter J. Blatman
  • Carlos F. Catá
  • David M. Clark
  • John F. Crowley, Chair-Elect and Development Committee Chair
  • Jay Emmons, Governance Committee Chair
  • G.J. Hart
  • Sharlyn C. Heslam
  • Arthur J. “Jeff” Lamb
  • Drew E. Lawton, Chapter Performance Committee Chair
  • Phillip J. Lussier, Board and Executive Committee Chair
  • Spencer A. Neumann
  • Kevin O’Toole
  • Susan M. Parkes-Cirignano
  • Tommy M. Parrett
  • Martine M. Reardon
  • Matthew W. Schuyler, Comp. & Mgmt Dev. Committee Chair
  • Dene B. Stratton Jr., Audit & Finance Committee Chair
  • Carla B. Vernón, Brand Advancement Committee Chair
  • David E. Wheadon, MD
  • Don Yaeger Jr.

Make-A-Wish Foundation of America FY14 Corporate Officers

Our corporate officers play an invaluable role in managing the organization’s day-to-day tasks, propelling Make-A-Wish toward achieving our vision: To grant the wish of every eligible child.

  • Philip J. Lussier, Board Chair
  • John F. Crowley, Chair-Elect
  • David A. Williams, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • MaryJane Irwin, Corporate Secretary
  • Paul R. Mehlhorn, Treasurer /VP/Chief Financial Officer
  • Leslie Motter, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Karen Lamoree (July-Oct), Vice President and Chief Information Officer
  • John Vranas, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
  • Deborah D. Thompson, Vice President, Chapter Support
  • Kathy M. Forshey, Vice President, Corporate Alliances
  • Paul C. Miles, Vice President, Development
  • David B. Mulvihill, Vice President and General Counsel